Leadership is less a process and more a culture. By empowering people to take ownership of their work, we can expect them to realise their full potential to accomplish their jobs and to be as innovative as possible.

Empowering people

Leadership is about accessing the knowledge, the skills and the capability that is implicit in any group of people or organisation. It is not necessarily a top-down process. It is generally applied within organisational structures, but leadership can be provided by anybody within an organisation or collective mission.

While the head of an organisation has the overall responsibility for leading the organisation, our expectation is that every individual has the responsibility of leading in their area of expertise. ‘Servant’ leadership and peer leadership is every bit as important as hierarchical command and control. The challenge of the Digital Revolution is that hierarchies are too slow and too unresponsive to deal with the contemporary pace of events.

An adaptive, ‘team-of-teams’ leadership culture is essential if countries, and coalitions of countries, are to respond effectively to contemporary operational challenges.

Promoting effective leadership practice is implicit in all ACMC work.