Concepts and Capability Directorate

The role of the Concepts and Capability Directorate

The Concepts and Capability Directorate brings together cross-agency programs on new and emerging civil-military-police concepts, such as Women, Peace and Security, with programs that support the development of civil-military-police capability through preparedness, lessons and evaluation, and humanitarian-government coordination.

This integrated approach to concept development, lessons, research, and preparedness allows the ACMC to:

  • Foster new knowledge, inform policy development and create frameworks and guidelines for new and emerging civil-military-police issues and themes;
  • Identify good practices and challenges in cross-agency cooperation, both through externally commissioned research that is publicly available and through the ACMC’s internal research and evaluation expertise that supports internal to government evaluation; and
  • Design and deliver a preparedness program that further explores identified challenges, reinforces good practice in cross-agency cooperation and capability building and provides a forum for testing and operationalising new concepts and approaches.

The current Director of Concepts and Capability Directorate is Wayne Snell.