Learning and Development

ACMC learning programs assist government and non-government agencies to develop the knowledge and skills of their people in Civil-Military-Police interaction principles, approaches and related concepts.

Delivered by subject matter experts who contribute real-world knowledge and experience to the program, ACMC training programs develop knowledge and skills that result in measurable outcomes for participants and enhance Australia's whole of government effectiveness. Priorities for program development are aligned to government objectives, developments in the civilian-military-police environment and the specific requirements of our key stakeholders.

Our Learning Strategy:

ACMC's learning strategy comprises four components that prepare people for operating in an inter-agency environment.

  1. Identification of common cross-agency skills - Australia's experience in offshore deployments indicates there are cross-cutting skills and understandings that make all participants more effective in coordinating action in situations of natural disasters or complex emergencies. These skills include adaptability, effective cross-agency communication, flexibility and understanding one another’s roles and responsibilities. We work to enhance these skills through workshops and events, exposure to other agencies in real-life exercise scenarios, and education and training.
  2. Developing civil-military-police professional networks - People develop professional networks within and across agencies, and within broader communities of practice. Such networks generate cross-agency understanding, respect and trust, which promotes more open, effective cooperation. ACMC helps develop civil-military-police networks by bringing agency representatives together in a range of professional settings, including through participation in workshops, exercises, project teams, and group research. Building networks within Australia, regionally and internationally remains a central focus of this learning strategy.
  3. Support for learning - ACMC serves as a conduit for sharing information and thematic understandings across whole-of-government, civil society and academia. We provide learning support including advice in curriculum design, outreach to partner organisations to teach civ-mil-pol elements in relevant professional training, identification of relevant knowledge, development of training materials and publications, hosting of multi-agency training programs, facilitation of subject matter expertise exchanges, and publications and research.
  4. Continuous improvement - ACMC promotes a continuous improvement approach to learning for civil-military-police interaction. We continually strive to evolve not only our own people, methods and approaches, but also to maintain a learning mindset in all our educational events.