Delivering knowledge-driven, joined-up capability

Capacity through education, training, exercises and research.

What we do

We work with government, civil society, and international partners, including the United Nations, to improve the outcomes of civil-military-police crisis responses in Asia and the Pacific, and globally. We develop and promote good practice in civil-military-police approaches to conflict and disaster management, where success results from the ability of personnel from all sectors to plan collaboratively, resource appropriately, and respond quickly through an integrated and joined up approach.

We do this by:

  • developing capacity through education,
  • training and exercises identifying and advocating best-practice in lessons learned,
  • research and publications, and
  • strengthening national, regional and international engagement through relationship building.


The ACMC is responsible for the management of whole-of-government lessons learned from civil-military-police coordination in conflicts and natural disasters overseas. The Lessons Program focuses on the inter-agency level of decision making and coordination. The program does not drill down into individual agency performance (which is the prerogative of agencies themselves), but draws upon individual agency experience, to identify inter-agency lessons against international best practice.


Our Research Program supports the development of national civil-military-police capabilities by commissioning research that develops new knowledge, addresses knowledge gaps, identifies good practices and challenges and provides practical outcomes to inform policy and support practitioners.


The ACMC facilitates the development of an Australian preparedness model. In consultation with stakeholder agencies, we are working to provide a comprehensive and integrated understanding of preparedness from an inter-agency perspective. Our objective is to identify effective and sustainable mechanisms to build civil-military-police preparedness and to develop a framework for evaluating the outcomes.


We nurture relationships with our stakeholder community, domestically and internationally, to foster cooperation, collaboration, and promote and encourage civil-military best practice.


The Concepts program develops new knowledge, facilitates information sharing and cross-agency capacity building, develops implementation strategies, and informs policy development for new civil-military-police concepts, including Women, Peace and Security, Protection of Civilians, and Innovation and New Partnerships.