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International Responses

The nature of conflict and instability is becoming more complex, more difficult to navigate and more pervasive. We are working towards a better understanding of the changing nature of conflict and what an effective response looks like.

Understanding the changing nature of conflict

Complex security situations require operational coordination of international, joint, multi-agency and whole-of-government participants. These operations may include deployment of personnel to work in conditions that include high-end conflict, destabilisation or the break-down of law and order in another country. All complex security responses are different. The way in which they are managed and responded to depends on the context in which we are working and responding. It is not possible to separate a military response from a broader civilian and police response if the intention is to effectively stabilise and then transition a society to a point where it is a stable and functioning country.

The work we do

The work we do is about ensuring effective partnerships. The more effective the partnerships across agencies, the greater diversity of skills, capability responses and values at the table, the better we are able to address a complex situation.

The ACMC works very closely with partner agencies to support their capacity to work together effectively in stressful, complex environments where verifiable information is limited though at the same time the quantity of raw data may be overwhelming. One way that we do this is by facilitating civilian-military-police exercises to build partner capacity to cooperate and coexist in the most challenging situations imaginable.