CAPT Jim Hutton, OBE, RAN

The ACMC's Military Advisor serves as a conduit to the Australian Defence Force and provides advice and insights from a military perspective.

Military Advisor

CAPT Jim Hutton, OBE, RAN

Jim has served for over 42 years in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Australian Navy. He came to Australia in 2011 on loan from the Royal Marines to help develop the new amphibious capability. Jim transferred to the RAN in Jan 2015. His career to date has seen him serve frequently as a commander and leader at many levels in extremes of environment and in multiple exercises, deployments and operations.  


A qualified Executive Coach Jim coaches navy leaders and holds a range of complementary qualifications that support his life purpose. His career highlights include planning and executing amphibious operations into Sierra Leone in 2000 and the amphibious assault into the Al Faw Peninsula in 2003 as well as commanding the Joint Task Group that completed Indo-Pacific Endeavour in 2018. After completing the Defence Strategic Studies Course, where he earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Studies, Jim joined the Australian Civil-Military Centre as the Military Advisor.  


Jim is married to Sally and their son, Ewan (33), a traveller, is currently in Japan working and snowboarding. Jim has a life coaching business as well as interests in bodging spoons from green wood, playing folk music and supporting Remount; a not for profit supporting our wounded.