Careers at ACMC

The Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC) workforce is a mix of permanent and seconded Federal Australian Public Servants from across Government Departments, a New Zealand Government representative, contracted staff, an Australian Defence Force member and a representative from the Australian civil society sector.

Vacancies at ACMC are advertised online on the Defence Jobs and People website, as well as APS Jobs website.

ACMC can provide you with the opportunity to undertake the type of work that contributes to something meaningful and rewarding to your career where you can perform at your best in a supportive and collaborative culture. No one day is the same at ACMC and you will be working alongside a highly professional cohort; who are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respective fields.

ACMC consists of four Directorates

Business Operations and Governance Directorate

Responsible for: HR, Finance, Business Processes, Reporting, IT, Communications, Facilities and Governance

International and Domestic Engagement Directorate 

Responsible for: delivery of ACMC’s educational and training products and courses, stakeholder management and engagement

Concepts and Capability Directorate

Responsible for: ACMC’s research program, Publications, Communications, Preparedness, Lessons and development of concepts that may result into possible ACMC work streams


From New Zealand Government, Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police, Emergency Management Australia, Australian Council for International Development). Seconded personnel are critical to the whole-of-government nature of ACMC. Secondees are conduits between Agencies and provide depth and expertise to ACMC initiatives

View our Vision and Mission and familiarise yourself with our Executive and Seconded staff.

The work we do

ACMC work to facilitate cross-agency, civil society and international engagement to produce qualitative improvements in Australia’s contributions to humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, peace and stabilisation activities overseas

We do this by

  • Developing capacity through education, training and exercises
  • Identifying and advocating best-practice in lessons learned, research and publications
  • Strengthening national, regional and international engagement through relationship building; and
  • Facilitating Joined-Up Government and the Integrated Approach

Three important characteristics that shape our identity


ACMC personnel are experienced and capable people drawn from a range of civilian, military and police backgrounds


We work across a broad range of Government projects to add expertise and improve national capability. Our work supports Australian Government efforts to help the most vulnerable. We strive to identify opportunities that contribute to the Government’s response to overseas contingencies.


We are constantly looking for ways to do things better. We champion innovation to our key stakeholders and are receptive to their advice.