Women, Peace and Security: Reflections from Australian male leaders

22 Dec 2015

The ACMC identified the need to develop a short collection of essays written by selected male military commanders, and civilian and police leaders who have embraced and promoted the principles of Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in operations.

The project draws on male leaders and commanders in recognition of the growing acknowledgement of ‘male champions of change’ and the role of men in tackling gender inequality and gender-based violence. The Australian National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, for example, acknowledges that ‘male police and members of the defence forces have a key role to play in promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women in conflict and in post-conflict settings’.

The publication, Women, Peace and Security: Reflections from Australian male leaders, explores how operational effectiveness is enhanced through incorporating gender perspectives and WPS principles in decision making. This publication highlights how gender considerations can impact positively on deployed contingents and mission outcomes; or conversely to reflect on how operational effectiveness might be negatively impacted through a lack of consideration of gender issues.

By drawing on real-life case studies, this publication aims to translate WPS principles in a practical way for those who are unfamiliar with the issues and uncertain about their relevance and applicability in Australian operations. It is hoped that the featured reflections will assist others to understand how these fundamental principles are inherent to effective leadership and contribute significantly to meeting mission objectives.

This publication can serve as a learning tool that can ‘speak’ to military, police and civilian personnel at all levels and support training on WPS across government. The project acknowledges that one of the most effective methods for changing ideology and cultural beliefs is to show by example.

WPS Reflections publication