The Coalition Personality

The Coalition Personality forms part of the Australian Interagency Preparedness Framework

Members of a multiagency team who demonstrate the coalition personality:

  • work towards a common and shared goal
  • are resilient (in demanding and challenging situations)
  • are flexible and adaptable
  • can get on with people and work in a team environment
  • are aware of themselves and others
  • are willing to see others’ perspectives
  • are culturally aware and sensitive.

The characterisation of the coalition personality focuses on the individual and how they behave in a team;
however, there is also a collective element to the coalition concept—the coalition culture. Building a
coalition or collaborative culture across agencies is also not a simple or short-term endeavour and results
from a range of factors:

  • a common purpose
  • shared values (that support collaboration)
  • an environment that acknowledges and rewards collaboration
  • processes, structures and tools that enable collaboration (or remove/reduce barriers to collaboration).

Building a coalition or collaborative culture is a shared responsibility, with leadership making the desired

culture explicit and ensuring alignment between this expectation and mission plans, policies, structures,
systems, processes, etc.