Rear Admiral Thorsten Kähler visits ACMC

2 Oct 2014

On Thursday 25 September, the ACMC hosted a delegation from Germany’s Ministry of Defence led by Rear Admiral Thorsten Kähler – Deputy Director Military Policy.

The delegation consisted of Mr Sammi Sandawi, LTCOL Jan Skultety, LTCOL Carsten Knorr, LCDR Andreas Scheiba, CAPT Michael Klein and RADM Kähler.

RADM Kähler was interested in the ACMC’s role in whole-of-government coordination including the challenges we face, meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders, recording lessons learned and sharing our knowledge.

Dr Alan Ryan explained that while there are complexities of multi-agency coordination, there is an understanding across government of the requirement to work together to achieve common goals.

At the ACMC we approach lessons learned by not ‘pointing the finger’ or ‘playing the blame game’. We communicate to agencies that nobody can achieve perfection – the key is to acknowledge this and record areas that were unsuccessful so that we continuously improve.

Dr Ryan also discussed the uniqueness of the ACMC’s Strategic Advisory Panel. He explained that the Strategic Advisory Panel was composed of senior executives from our stakeholder agencies. This means that the ACMC is notified of stakeholder needs directly from the highest levels of those stakeholder agencies.

The discussion was a valuable opportunity to compare and contrast how our countries approach civil-military-police coordination and areas in which we can work together in the future.

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