Ready to Use - Civil-Military-Police Interaction Awareness Modules

13 Jul 2015

ACMC is pleased to make freely available two awareness modules that are designed to assist people who may have contact with other organisations involved in humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, conflict resolution, complex emergencies and peacekeeping operations. Our stakeholders expressed enthusiasm for modules to provide basic awareness of key elements of civil-military-police interaction. The release of these awareness modules is an important step in implementing the ACMC Learning Strategy.

Overview Module. This module introduces key concepts in civil-military-police interactions, Australian and international capabilities, planning approaches and principles for working together effectively. Delivery time is approximately two hours.

Australian Capabilities Module. This module provides additional information on key Australian agencies. Delivery time is approximately one hour.

Each module includes a Facilitator Guide, Learner Workbook, PDF document and Evaluation Form. Both modules draw on material from a range of organisations.

The modules are entitled ‘awareness modules’ to emphasise their introductory nature. They could be delivered directly by agencies or their preferred training providers. Alternatively agencies may request ACMC to deliver. Agencies may also choose to select individual slides to add to their own training material.

Agencies are invited to make free use of the awareness modules. ACMC is happy to assist with implementation as required and would welcome feedback with a view to continuous improvement.

Click here to access the modules:

Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Overview – Slides
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Overview – Learner Workbook
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Overview – Facilitator Guide
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Overview – Evaluation Form

Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Australian Capabilities – Slides
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Australian Capabilities – Learner Workbook
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Australian Capabilities – Facilitator Guide
Civ-Mil-Pol 101 Australian Capabilities – Evaluation Form