Counterinsurgency and Certain Legal Aspects: A Snapshot of Afghanistan

Abstract This paper provides a snapshot of certain legal aspects of the civilian-military counterinsurgency campaign being conducted in Afghanistan by Coalition Forces in partnership with Afghan National Security Forces, together with civilian representatives of bodies such as the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, contributing government and regional organizations, and non-government and international organizations The snapshot is taken in May 2011. These legal aspects relate to the Rule of Law Field Force-Afghanistan, the Afghan Local Police program, and the ISAF detention. Dr Paul Muggleton Dr. Thomas [Paul] Muggleton, BA (Honours) (University of NSW, Faculty of Military Studies), LL B (ANU), Grad. Dip. Legal Practice (QUT), SJD (Melbourne University). Paul Muggleton is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, and is a Colonel in the Australian Army Legal Corps serving in the Army Reserves. He has seen operational service in the Middle East, the Former Yugoslavia and Iraq. Associate Professor Bruce ‘Ossie’ Oswald Associate Professor Bruce ‘Ossie’ Oswald CSC, BBus (RMIT ), MA (Public Policy) (UKC), LL B (ANU), LL M (University of London), PhD (University of Melbourne). Ossie is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army Legal Corps and serves in the Army Reserves. He has seen operational…

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