Facilitating Interagency Involvement in Exercises

Exercises are an effective tool in building civil-military-police capability

Exercises are an effective tool in building civil-military-police capability. The benefits of investing in exercises include the crucial role they play in cultivating a collaborative culture across organisations and building trust and understanding across agencies. Exercises are also an effective tool for developing and testing cooperative planning and implementation mechanisms in response to complex crises.

Over the past four years, more than 200 Australian government civilian and police representatives have participated in preparedness exercises facilitated by ACMC, in partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF). This partnership has established closer cooperation between ADF, civilian and police organisations and developed a deeper understanding of the mandates, roles, responsibilities and methods of operating within a whole-of-government context.

The ATLAS Approach

In facilitating interagency involvement in exercises, ACMC uses the ATLAS Approach:


ACMC provide advice to interagency partners on how to work within an exercise framework, how to design and develop exercise materials and how to work effectively with military components.


ACMC deliver pre-deployment training for interagency exercise participants including interagency workshops, scenario briefings and specialised lectures such as Civil-Military Coordination.


ACMC have a Lessons Learned capacity which is responsible for developing exercise evaluation frameworks and drafting multiagency lessons reports which capture best practice and lessons for the future.


ACMC advocates the importance of interagency involvement in exercises and ensures that interagency interests and objectives are considered during planning and execution of exercises.


ACMC provide real-time support for interagency participation in exercises including assisting with the development of civilian training objectives, scenarios and storylines, enhancing the development of relationships between civil, military and police components, providing secretariat support and working as a central point of contact throughout planning and execution of exercises.

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