ACMC Quick Impact Workshops

ACMC’s Quick Impact Workshops are intended to support civil-military-police capability through multiagency engagement, case studies and shared information

ACMC Quick Impact Workshops

The workshops seek to improve understanding and effectiveness by identifying potential lessons and future opportunities.

The Workshops draw on the experience and observations of Australians who have been part of an an interagency and international crisis, conflict or other response effort.

Aim — The Workshops aim to facilitate discussion on considerations regarding civil-military-police interaction and the use of military and civil defence assets in such situations. The workshop aims to promote broad agency discussion and understanding of civil-military-police responses.

Outcome – The considerations and observations raised in the workshops will inform a discussion paper which is then circulated to all attendee agencies and made available from the ACMC website.

Quick Impact Workshop – ‘Post Tropical Cyclone Pam Roundtable with Civil Society’. June 2015

Workshop Outcomes

Workshop Program

NGO Report


Reflections on the Humanitarian Response to Cyclone Pam
Ms Rebecca Barber, Humanitarian Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Save the Children Australia
Mr Adam Poulter, Humanitarian and Emergency Response Manager, CARE Australia
Joint NGO Presentation

Quick Impact Workshop – ‘Early considerations on civil-military responses to emerging diseases (Ebola as a case study)’. February 2015
Workshop Outcomes
Workshop Program
Presenter Biographies

The UN Experience
Ms Louise Robinson
Director InSitu Training
WHO Training Coordinator for the West Africa Ebola response, UNMEER
UNMEER World Health Organisation Presentation

Observations from the field
Mr Thanh Le
Director Ebola Taskforce, DFAT
Department of Foreign Affairs Presentation

Observations from Aspen Medical
Mr Leo Cusack
Operations Manager, West Africa
Aspen Medical Presentation