HOTLINK – United Nations release the Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination Field Handbook

26 Jun 2015

Humanitarian civil-military coordination is complex, multi-faceted and continually evolving. The work covers a broad spectrum – from coordination of foreign organisations in disaster relief, to access negotiation during a conflict.

When responding to natural disasters, Governments are increasingly deploying military forces as part of their international assistance. In addition, the national armed forces are often relied upon to respond first when a disaster strikes.

Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination (CMCoord) is an important interface between the humanitarian community and military components of United Nations (UN) and regional peacekeeping operations. The UN-CMCoord Field Handbook is designed as a guide for CMCoord Officers and focal points in natural disasters and complex emergencies. The 2015 edition replaces the 2008 edition and promotes common understanding and a coherent approach in a changing institutional framework and operational environment.

To download the UN-CMCoord Field Handbook, please click here.

In the Indo-Pacific region, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is located in Bangkok, Thailand. To learn more about OCHA’s activities click here.