HOTLINK - Minister for Defence Closes Australian Civil-Military Centre’s Civil-Military Leaders’ Workshop

17 Jun 2015

On Friday 12 June, the Minister for Defence, The Hon. Kevin Andrews MP was invited to deliver the closing remarks to the second Civil-Military Leaders’ Workshop (CMLW) held in Canberra.

The Minister thanked international delegates for their participation as “leaders in our shared security”.

He emphasised that “a big part of ensuring we are best able to respond to future challenges is by coordinating through a whole-of-government approach to problem-solving and responses to crisis situations”.

“Responding to natural events like Cyclone Pam, Typhoon Haiyan and the Great East Japan earthquake is something that we have always done. However, these crises are coming more often and are affecting larger populations than they have in the past. Further, there is an expectation that we respond immediately, with the right assistance and get it to remote, disaster-affected communities”.

The Minister pointed out that we could not have anticipated the nature of other post-disaster tasks like the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, or the international response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Central to the workshops focus on preparedness in responding to regional crises, the Minister highlighted the strong regional relationships, and the support provided across agencies and international borders, in partnership.

“This is where this workshop and the work of the Australian Civil-Military Centre come in”.

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