ACMC Signs Contract with 33 Creative

6 Nov 2015

Alan Ryan Executive Director of the Australian Civil-Military Centre today welcomed to the ACMC’s offices in Queanbeyan Georgia Cordukes and Mayrah Souter the co-founders and Directors of 33 Creative. 33 Creative is an Aboriginal media, communications and events company with a strong service commitment to making a difference. They met to sign a contract to complete a civil-military police DVD which will add to the ACMC’s suite of video and publication resources in support of more effective and efficient coordination of crises responses overseas.

Dr Ryan stated that ‘the signing of this contract with 33 Creative is a very exciting opportunity for the Australian Civil-Military Centre to access the Indigenous suppliers program. As a small organisation we need to source outside expertise, such as that offered by 33 Creative, to produce high quality resources for Australian government agencies and for the international and non-governments organisations that we work with.’

This contract was a great example of the move to encourage supplier diversity and to build new relationships between the public sector and private sector providers. Dr Ryan pointed out that the contract represented a good match of organisations that shared a mission to innovate and whose skill-sets were strongly complementary. He noted that it was very much a ‘win/win’ partnership.

Signing the contract Dr Ryan stated that ‘the Australian Civil-Military Centre is proud to enter its first contract with an Indigenous Australian firm and we look forward to the delivery of a DVD that will be an outstanding tool to educate future mission leaders in offshore operations.’