ACMC releases key events for 2016

21 Jul 2016

Current events – July to December 2016

July – December Event
6 July Present to ‘Strategy Planning and Implementation in National Security Policy-Making Program’, National Security College (NSC)
11-13 July Present to ‘Asia Pacific Regional Symposium on National Action Plans on Women, Peach and Security’, Bangkok
14 July Present to ‘Humanitarian Ops Course’, Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC)
15 July Support the Headline Experiment Working Group
18-28 July Initial Planning Conference Ex Talisman Sabre 17 (support cross-agency planning)
July Publish Occasional Paper ‘Humanitarian Space’ by Dr Vandra Harris and Beth Eggleston on ACMC website
August White Ribbon Accreditation event, Canberra
August Launch the Australian Interagency Preparedness Framework on ACMC website
22-26 August Support the Headline Capstone and Limited Objective Experiment 2
29 August Presentation on ‘Interagency Cooperation’ to CDSS
5-7 September Exercise Viking Exercise Specification Conference, Sweden
6-8 September Support the Chief of the Army Exercise, ‘Redefining Boundaries for the 21st Century Land Force in Whole of Government Operations’, Adelaide
6-9 September Support the Centre for Defence and Strategic studies (CDSS) Interagency module and desktop exercices
23-25 September Support UNSW ‘HASS Strategy and Security Conference: Preparing for Futher Crises’, ADFA
September/October Host the biennial ‘Women, Peace and Security’ Whole-of-Government workshop
September/October ANU Launch of Strengthening the Rule of Law through the United Nations Security Council, supported by ACMC
September/October Launch ACMC film ‘Leading Together’ with 33Creative
October Support ‘Annual Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security’
October Future Joint Operating Concept (FJOC) development and finalisation
17-28 October Mid-Planning Conference Ex Talisman Sabre 17 (cross-agency planning)
October Publish country field guides Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Responses in Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar
October Support UNOCHA Regional Consultative Group meeting, Bangkok
October (TBC) ‘Logistics’ lessons learned workshop for disaster responders aboard HMAS Adelaide
7 November – 9 December ACMC International Attachment Program – host Malaysian secondees
23-25 November Host East Asia Summit Workshop for Maritime Security, Sydney
9 December Publication Launch and Networking Event
-Organising for Peace Operations: Lessons Learnt from Bougainville, East Timor and the Soloman Islands (RAND)
-Australian Guidelines for Protection of Civilians
-Illict Small Arms in the Pacific (RJ Networking)
December/January Publish Australian Deployed Female Personnel in Peace and Stabilisation Operations


ACMC Key Events for 2016 (July to December – PDF 277KB)