ACMC release live blog from 2015 Civil-Military Leaders’ Workshop

23 Jun 2015

The ACMC has released the content shared by participants during the 2015 Civil-Military Leaders’ Workshop (CMLW) conducted from 9 – 12 June in Canberra.

CMLW participants were invited each day to contribute to the blog throughout each session of the workshop which carried the theme, ‘Civil-Military Coordination – New Challenges and New Partners’.

The live blog contains senior leaders’ unique perspectives, experiences and commentary on coordinating multiagency and multinational responses to both domestic and international disasters and conflict operations.

The CMLW was convened under the Chatham House Rule with the blog opened to contributions from all participants. These participants included representatives from 23 countries made up of senior leaders from civil, military and police organisations, multiple representatives from the non-government sector, esteemed academics and executives from the private sector.

The live CMLW 2015 blog can be accessed here.

A full list of CMLW 2015 participating countries and organisations can be found here.