ACMC hosts the Chinese National Defence University

23 Oct 2015

The ACMC hosted a visit from the Chinese National Defence University (NDU). The 37-member delegation consisted of senior course members at the Colonel-Brigadier level and was led by Major General Zhao Wenhua.

Prior to arriving in Canberra, the course members had visited the Lowy Institute in Sydney. While in Canberra, the delegation visited the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Australian Defence College. The visit to Australia increased course members’ understanding of Australia’s political, economic, industrial, defence and social systems.

The delegation raised excellent questions including what mechanisms of Government are available to the ACMC to promote civil-military interaction and the ACMC’s role analysing the ‘Whole of Government’ lessons from the search for MH370. The visit provided an excellent opportunity for ACMC to listen to the experiences of the NDC course members.

This visit continues ACMC’s relationship with the Chinese NDU who last visited in September 2014.

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