Our Vision & Mission

The Australian Civil-Military Centre’s (ACMC) mission is to support the development of national civil-military-police capabilities to prevent, prepare for and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas.

The work we do

We work to facilitate cross-agency, civil society and international engagement to produce qualitative improvements in Australia’s contributions to humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, peace and stabilisation activities overseas.

We do this by:

  • developing capacity through education, training and exercises
  • identifying and advocating best-practice in lessons learned, research and publications, and
  • strengthening national, regional and international engagement through relationship building.

The way we Achieve our Mission

The ACMC is a service provider to the rest of government. We exist to serve others and our success is measured by how well Australia mobilises its national effort to promote peace, security and stability overseas in coordination with friends and neighbours. We establish linkages across government, with international counterparts and with civil society organisations.

Three important characteristics shape the ACMC’s identity:


Our staff are experienced and capable people drawn from a range of civilian, military and police backgrounds.


We work across a broad range of government projects to add expertise and improve national capability. Our work supports Australian government efforts to help the most vulnerable. We strive to identify opportunities that contribute to the government’s response to overseas contingencies.


We look for ways to do things better. We champion innovation to our key stakeholders and are receptive to their advice.

Our Vision

The work of government is complex, and nowhere more so than when we deploy Australians offshore into conditions of conflict and disaster. Our vision is to promote the coordination of Australia’s efforts, both within government and with our international partners. We recognise that field operations are not perfect or perfectible. We improve the ways we work together by: promoting effective joint efforts; creating efficiencies across government; and by preventing duplication of effort. We assist line agencies to do their work by preserving and promoting awareness of the benefits and means of whole-of-government coordination. We do not expect to ever achieve perfect coordination, but we are already seeing significant successes as departments and agencies combine their efforts to achieve practical synergies together.

Alan Ryan

Executive Director